Keypad Install

Why your business needs a commercial locksmith

As a business owner, one of your top priorities is to keep all of your employees and customers safe. If you have a physical location, one way to do this is by installing commercial locks for each entrance into the building.

It will ensure that no one can enter without first being granted access. If you consider hiring a commercial locksmith company to install these security measures at your place of business, then many benefits come with it! This blog post will discuss what type of services a commercial locksmith offers to their customer.

Keypad installs:

Installing secure keypad locks is one of the most common services a commercial locksmith offers to their customers. These locks can program to allow access only at certain hours if they guarantee enough security clearance beforehand. It means that only specific people will be able to enter your building during business hours, while no one else will be able to enter.

It is a great way to ensure that you are never locking out any employees or customers, which could cause a potential inconvenience and an overall bad first impression on anyone trying to visit your business.

Business rekey:

It is another highly beneficial service that a commercial locksmith can perform for your business. Although it’s not as flashy or high-tech as installing keyless entries, this service will ensure that only people you want to have access to your building will be allowed in.

It means that if one of your employees leaves the company and has access to the building, you can have a commercial locksmith change the locks to remove that person’s entry.

Push bar:

Installing push bars on your main entryways is another excellent safety measure that can take. While this won’t stop a determined criminal from breaking the glass and gaining access to your building, it will at least slow them down and alert you that someone has gained access through that door.

It can allow you to lock down the rest of the building and hopefully stop the intruder before they can access any of your employees or customers.

Access control:

Some businesses may have more than just one main entrance. If this is the case, you can use an access control system and your commercial locks to ensure that each person entering the building has different vital codes. This way, only certain people will get in through specific doors depending on which key code they give.


If your business is experiencing a break-in or needs to upgrade locks, call our team of commercial locksmiths. Our professional and experienced staff will quickly ensure you are safe from intruders by installing new high-security locks on all entrances and exits. For more information about how we can help you protect your building’s security, contact us today!

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